Currency Type Session
FX FX Normal Hours
XAUUSD Metals Early Close 21:30
XAGUSD Metals Early Close 21:30
Cryptos Cryptos Normal Hours
GER30 Index Normal Hours
US30 Index Early Close 20:00
SPA35 Index Normal Hours
HK50 Index Normal Hours
JP225 Index Early Close 20:00
EUSTX50 Index Normal Hours
SWI20 Index Normal Hours
UK100 Index Normal Hours
US500 Index Early Close 20:00
NAS100 Index Early Close 20:00
Shares .DE Shares Normal Hours
Shares .OQ Shares Closed
Shares .P Shares Closed
Shares .N Shares Closed
Shares .HK Shares Normal Hours
XTIUSD Energies Early Close 21:30
XBRUSD Energies Early Close 20:15
XNGUSD Energies Early Close 21:30

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